Hello! I am Yohei,
a super motivated developer

End to End developer. Always keeping my hands on new technologies.

Don't let technology use us, make sure we use it!

What I do

Front End

I use HTML5, CSS3 and various JavaScript libraries such as jQuery. Responsive, Parallax designs. Enjoying the new UI/UX.

Back End

I am a LAMP developer and use MVC web framework CodeIgniter. Lately getting into the MEAN stack web app development.

Tech Lab

Don't let the technology use me.
I use it. Exploring new products like Leap Motion, Kinect, OF, Raspberry Pi, etc

Food Lab

Hey, we all gotta eat, right? Coding, Cooking, Creativity. It's essentially the same thing for me. I just wanna have fun.


TVOKids Caterpillar Count for Leap Motion

HTML5, CreateJS, RequireJS, LeapJS, Flash CS6 and NodeWebkit to publish OSX/Win apps

Public speaking @ HTML5 Toronto Meetup event

Presented show and share of developing for Leap Motion using HTML5 & CreateJS

TVO On Demand App for Google TV

HTML5, CSS3 front end UI coding. The app was featured by Google Canada

TVO offline signup mobile web app

HTML5 local storage, cross platform offline web/mobile application, convio APIs

TVOKids Animals Everywhere App for Android

Repurposed Flash AS2 web game to Android app. Adobe Air SDK, ActionScript3

Roy Banse, Interior Designer's Website

Design, Web/Mobile Front & Back End coding, Custom CMS with LAMP stack platform

Private Event RSVP Web App

Front & Back End coding, Ajax, jQuery, PHP/MySQL and HTML email

Equity Advances Website

Front & Back End coding, Custom CMS with CodeIgniter, Ajax, jQuery

2014 Halton Japan New Year Event RSVP Website

Design, Front & Back End coding, Ajax, jQuery, CodeIgniter with MySQL, TypeKit, Japanese localization